Hello World

In computer science, “Hello World” is one of the simplest programs you can write in any language. It’s considered boilerplate language – an example of how to interact with the program in question and put code out to the screen.

So that’s where I begin.

Putting words to page, to screen, into the ether.

I’ve always wanted to write more publicly and with my posts on GenTwenty I am but I want more. Some flexibility to push the envelope and write personally on topics I am passionate about.

What you’ll find here:

  • A point of view on diversity, multiculturalism and being a person of colour

  • Thoughts on communications and marketing initiatives from brands

  • Lessons on career, financial and matters I’m learning/have learnt along the way

  • Every now and then honest thoughts and recommendations on books.

At some points, all those may coalesce into one post but for now, I’ll begin by saying:

Hello World.