Examples and results are important. If you have no KPIs, how can you know what needs work or if you're smashing it? This page is a collection of content I’ve freelanced on and created as part of my roles along with a few results from each example. If you’d like to learn how we can work together, let me know!




Your twenties are a fun and intense time. GenTwenty is there to let twenty-somethings know that we’ve been through it and are going through it together. I am freelance contributor to this awesome community. So far, my first 3 articles are averaging over 850+ readers each. I continue to contribute and I am learning about SEO, social sharing and promotion. Check the articles out below:



Purpose and impact has always been at the centre of my interests. Which is why my favourite team project was the World Food Programme’s London-based #RecipeForDisaster marketing campaign. The campaign focused on raising awareness about food waste as a key contributor to food insecurity around the world. It resulted in 203,500,600 campaign global media impressions.

To increase readership on the company intranet, I used Google Analytics to optimize site traffic which increased open rates of newsletters sent through MailChimp by 6%.



As a part time Graduate Assistant, I supported the Communications Manager for the Division of Student Affairs with public relations activities, writing nine articles highlighting events on campus that catered to the diverse Syracuse student population.

I also worked with Professor Sean Branagan as part of a handpicked team of students to research the future of media for the Media-Nxt project. So feel free to ask me about haptic technology.



2015 was a great year to be part of the energy at the United Nations. As the Communications Associate at the UN Global Compact I:

  • Helped edit over 200+ pages of content relaunching the digital face of the UN Global Compact to the world

  • increased social media followership across accounts by 20%

  • Contributed to over 1200+ Twitter engagements at COP21 Paris